At NIIOS Research & Development we develop tissue preparation methods and surgical techniques with a focus on advanced lamellar keratoplasty.

Developing a new surgical protocol encompasses more than just the operation itself. We also look at new ways to harvest and prepare donor tissue and to develop new surgical instruments and medical devices. We closely monitor and evaluate clinical outcomes of procedures such as (advanced) DMEK and Bowman layer transplantation in order to continually improve and refine these techniques.


PhD Defence Lamis Baydoun

On December 1, Lamis Baydoun successfully defended her PhD thesis at the University of Leiden. Congratulations to Dr. Baydoun for her fantastic work!

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Bressler Prize 2020

On November 17, Gerrit Melles received the 2020 Bressler Prize in Vision Science for important advancements in the treatment of people with vision loss.

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Dr. Dapena is leaving NIIOS

Dr. Dapena joined NIIOS in the pioneering DMEK times and became a world-renown DMEK surgeon. We would like to thank her for all her contributions to our work field!

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Advanced DMEK

How to further improve DMEK outcomes?

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Personalized DMEK

How to perform tailor-made DMEK surgeries?

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Bowman Layer Transplantation

How to treat advanced progressive keratoconus less invasively?

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Optimizing Donor Tissue Use

How to provide the best possible grafts to surgeons?

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Cell Replacement Therapies

How to advance the treatment options for endothelial diseases?

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Ultrastructural Tissue Analysis

How to reveal more details about graft-host interaction?

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How to perform remote examinations?

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Ophthalmic Staining Solutions

How to make the invisible visible in the eye?

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Developing Surgical Instruments

How to facilitate innovative surgical procedures?

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