NIIOS 20 years anniversary

In 2000 the Netherlands Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery (NIIOS) was established by Dr. Gerrit Melles. We are an independent organization that innovates in ophthalmic surgery and for more than 20 years, NIIOS is dedicated to innovations in corneal surgery. In particular, NIIOS developed and refines techniques to transplant the cornea in conditions such as Fuch’s endothelial dystrophy, keratoconus and bullous keratopathy. These techniques, which have been the foundation of NIIOS, are now increasingly being adopted worldwide. NIIOS consists of four organizations that work closely together and complement each other:

  • NIIOS Research and Development
  • Amnitrans EyeBank Rotterdam
  • Melles Cornea Clinic Rotterdam
  • NIIOS Academy

At NIIOS, we would like to continue to develop and innovate. In 2020, we hosted the first NIIOS Cornea Evening – Live Online in June, and a second NIIOS Cornea Evening – Live Online in November, broadcasted from Rotterdam. Since both of these evenings were a big success, we will again host two NIIOS Cornea Evenings – Live Online, in the spring and fall of 2021. The next NIIOS Cornea Evening – Live Online, will take place on Saturday May 29th, 2021. Please keep an eye on our eventpage for latest updates about the program and details. You can now register for the coming edition by clicking on the left button below.


What's happening

2021 Update MHR

In this New Year's message, the Melles Cornea Clinic looks back on the past year and would like to give you an update on 2021 and beyond. There are great developments, collaborations and events ahead of us that we would like to share with you. Please click below to read the letter, note: it is written in Dutch.

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SAVE THE DATE - May 29th 2021

Since our NIIOS Cornea Evenings in 2020 were a big success, we have decided to host two more NIIOS Cornea Evenings – Live Online in 2021. Please save the date for the first one in the spring of 2021 on Saturday May 29th! You can register now and additional information will follow soon, so keep an eye on our website.

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COVID-19 update

Update April 2021.
Despite the new lockdown measures, medical care will continue as much as possible. In our Melles Cornea Clinic, we want to offer optimal and responsible care. Of course, we follow the advice and recommendations by the RIVM, the NOG and the Federation of Medical Specialists.

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NIIOS celebrates with all fellows!

This year has been a very turbulent one, but 2020 is also a special year for NIIOS. We celebrate our 20-year anniversary and the best way to do that is with everyone who was part of the NIIOS family, including our fellows!

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Evaluation of 10-year graft survival

Find out more about Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty: Evaluation of 10-year graft survival and clinical outcomes of the first case series after DMEK.

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Our optometrists in Eyeline Magazine

Our optometrists Lydia van de Star and Korine van Dijk are featured in Eyeline Magazine with an interesting article about the Bowman Transplantation called: 'Bowman Transplantation - First Inlay now Onlay'.

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