Amnitrans eye banks

Amnitrans EyeBank Rotterdam (AER) is a non-profit tissue bank that delivers customized tissue products to domestic and international corneal surgeons. AER’s primary activity is the surgical predissection of donated human corneal tissue for use in lamellar surgical procedures. We have been doing this work since 2003, and we were the first tissue bank in the world to offer this service.
That’s no surprise, since every lamellar transplantation technique to date has been developed by our umbrella organization, NIIOS (Netherlands Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery). Other organizations under the same roof are Amnitrans EyeBank International, Melles Cornea Clinic, NIIOS R&D and NIIOS Academy. Thanks to this tight collaboration, we are able to provide excellent services for the complete cornea transplant chain. Nowadays AER is the most technically advanced tissue bank in Europe. The internationally oriented sister-eye bank AEI was founded in 2015 to supply the still growing international demand for ready-to-use pre-dissected corneal tissue. AER and AEI have the same experienced staff and use the same techniques.

New Preparation Techniques

Working with NIIOS, AER has developed new preparation techniques for lamellar corneal transplantation procedures such as DSEK (Descemet stripping endothelial keratoplasty), (advanced) DMEK (Descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty) and Bowman layer transplantation. For DMEK, AER makes use of the “no-touch” technique: the graft tissue does not come into contact with any instruments during preparation. That eliminates the risk of damaging the tissue to be transplanted.
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Expanding the Tissue Supply

The lamellar techniques developed by Amnitrans EyeBank and NIIOS have expanded the supply of graft tissue available to patients. For example, a cornea that is not suitable for a full transplant due to scarring on its front no longer has to be discarded. As long as sufficient vital endothelial cells are present in the cornea’s back layer, the tissue can be used for a posterior lamellar keratoplasty procedure such as DSEK or DMEK.

One donor cornea can sometimes be used for two patients: the front for a DALK (deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty) or Bowman layer transplantation, and the back for a posterior lamellar keratoplasty procedure such as DSEK or DMEK. Our hemi-DMEK technique has further expanded the tissue supply: using this procedure, the same donor pool can theoretically provide tissue for up to twice the number of transplants.