Fellowship Program

NIIOS Academy offers a Cornea Fellowship Program for ophthalmologists who wish to further specialize in corneal surgery. Our fellowships are an outstanding educational opportunity. As a fellow at the world’s leading center of expertise in corneal surgery, you will work closely with an enthusiastic team of corneal specialists, medical biologists and researchers.

As a fellow, you will participate in every aspect of NIIOS’s innovative work:

  • Clinical work at Melles Cornea Clinic Rotterdam will provide you with basic training in advanced procedures for corneal transplantation.
  • Clinical and laboratory-based research activities at NIIOS R&D will acquaint you with the state of the art in corneal research.
  • Laboratory work at Amnitrans EyeBank Rotterdam will provide you with basic training in the surgical preparation and preservation of donor corneal tissue to be used in advanced transplantation procedures.
  • In our NIIOS Academy program you will educate general ophthalmologists and corneal specialists from throughout the world, on the latest developments in advanced lamellar keratoplasty.

A Cornea Fellowship Program lasts at least six months, preferably twelve months.

If you are an enthusiastic ophthalmologist or corneal specialist from the EU who is eager to learn, please apply for a fellowship here or contact us for more information.

If you’d like to see the doctors who have already completed a fellowship at NIIOS, take a look at our Fellow Alumni Club.


Fellowship Vacancy