Registration NIIOS Cornea Evening | 2022

This is the registration form for our next NIIOS Cornea Evening on May 21st, 2022. Unfortunately we had to postpone the NIIOS Cornea Evening planned on November 6, 2021 due to internal changes within NIIOS and constantly changing COVID-19 rules and guidelines. We apologize for this inconvenience.

To complete your registration, please fill in all questions that appear as soon as you fill in your name and email address. You will not receive a confirmation email but after filling in all of the questions, you are registered. We will update you by email as soon as possible about other details of the NIIOS Cornea Evening on May 21st, 2022. Are you interested to see an impression of our last NIIOS Cornea Evening? Please click here.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of our partners and sponsors for this event:

This event is powered by: Eurobio and Visser Contact lenses.