Patient and Referrer Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction

The clinic assesses patient satisfaction by sending a survey six months after each surgical procedure. We also regularly conduct personal interviews. Our team uses this information to improve our medical care and patient service.

Results from 2017

Question Excellent Good  Satisfactory Mediocre Poor
How do you rate the clinic’s availability by telephone?  55%  44%  1%  0%  0%
How well did the clinic inform you about the procedure and your surgery?  50%  45%  2%  1%  0%
What was your general experience of the operation?  44%  50%  3%  2%  0%
How were you received, guided, and informed in the operating room?  59%  36%  3%  1%  0%
How do you rate your postoperative care (checkups and information after the operation)?  51%  41%  5%  2%  0%

In 83% of the surveys we received back from patients, the corneal surgery met or exceeded his or her expectations.
Overall general score: 8.7 / 10.

Referrer Satisfaction

Melles Cornea Clinic receives patient referrals from ophthalmologists and optometrists. We regularly evaluate our relationships with our referrers by sending surveys, just as we do with our patients. In addition, our medical team has frequent peer consultations with ophthalmologists and optometrists and we speak with one another during ophthalmology conferences. We use the feedback we get from our surveys and conversations to improve our service.

In 95% of the surveys we received back, referrers were satisfied with the referral of patients to Melles Cornea Clinic. Overall general score: 8.6 / 10.