Patient compares DALK with Bowman layer transplantation

Mr. Visser, born in 1975 and a sportive industrial designer has keratoconus. He underwent a deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK) in the right eye and a Bowman layer transplantation in the left eye. He tells his story.

Patiënt met keratoconus vergelijkt DALK met Bowman layer transplantatie
Mr. Visser doing budo.

What problems were you having before your surgery?

“I was wearing these little hard contact lenses and I really had trouble with painful eyes. But elsewhere they told me it was the only way to deal with this problem. At some point my girlfriend urged me to search the internet for another solution. That is how we found Melles Cornea Clinic. In the right eye a lamellar transplant (DALK) was performed, which gave me a much better visual acquity. Also a new kind of contact lens was fitted by Visser Contact Lenses. Instead of a small lens, I am wearing a larger ‘scleral lens’.”

What has that been like?

“It’s unbelievable. I like to do judo, aikido and budo, but I stopped because I couldn’t see well with glasses and I was losing my contact lenses all the time. With the scleral lenses it works out well! It’s really a big improvement!”

How about the Bowman layer transplantation in your other eye?

“My left eye also had keratoconus, it wasn’t as severe, but it was also unstable. So the doctors suggested to do a tissue sparing type of surgery, that allows you to keep your own cornea: only a very thin splint is implanted to lessen the keratoconus and to stabilize it. In 2012 I had this surgery done in my left eye. The operation was much quicker and the aftercare is easier: for example, there are no stitches that have to be removed. Now I have a good chance that I won’t need a corneal transplantation in left eye.”

And what would you say about your time at Melles Cornea Clinic?

“They’re really experts. They really know what they’r e doing, and the whole vibe is supergood. They train people and they want to share the knowledge and I truly like that. Also the people are nice. You certainly get a good treatment.”