NIIOS-USA Symposium ‘Future of Ophthalmology’, Washington DC, March 29th, 2019

‘Future of Ophthalmology’: Disruptive Concepts to Cut Health Care Costs

Washington, DC, March 29th, 2019, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, 6 PM – 10 PM

Practical Approach to Developing a More Sustainable Health Care System

Health Care Cost Containment – now and in the future – is a central, even dominate, societal
issue. Over the past decade, health care costs have increased to the point that even middleclass
families with seemingly adequate insurance coverage are at risk of losing all of their
savings, or facing bankruptcy, when confronted with relatively minor accidents or disease
treatments. At a national level, these ever-accelerating costs are diverting resources available
for many pursuits vital to overall prosperity, welfare and aspirations. To date, much thought has
been given to this issue with little demonstrated progress. Many past efforts have focused on
funding disproportionally expensive R&D programs that conceptionally sound plausible and
exciting, but have not yielded proven financial benefits at any meaningful scale. Additionally, it
is often observed that the insurance industry business model does not consistently relate to
the most efficient and effective medical decisions.

In this context, NIIOS-USA is introducing a new line of thinking, with R&D concepts
based on simplification and long-term sustainability, rather than hype and glamour.
Moreover, since the investment for the medical professional is relatively low, such
treatments have been found to be not only more effecti
ve and less expensive, but
also more quickly adopted. Accordingly, the future of Ophthalmology may lead the
way for progress in other medical fields by directly addressing the need to
progressively develop sustainable health care.


The Netherlands Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery (NIIOS) is based in Rotterdam
and recently opened its US office, NIIOS-USA, in San Diego. NIIOS aims to design
surgical techniques in the field of ophthalmology. Today, an estimate of 20,000,000
surgeries have been performed using NIIOS technology, and most ophthalmic
surgeons are projected to be using at least one NIIOS medical device, drug or
technique on a daily basis. This includes using NIIOS developed techniques for
cataract or retinal surgery, corneal transplant techniques or logistic improvements like
the SurgiCube – designed to perform ‘in-office’ surgeries.