Visser Contact Lenses

Since 2008 Melles Cornea Clinic has been working with Visser Contact Lenses, an optic company with a team of optometrists and contact lens specialists that has branches throughout the Netherlands. Visser Contact Lenses is well-known in the Dutch ophthalmology sector for its experienced specialists in scleral lenses for patients with corneal disorders.

Visser Contact Lenses and Melles Cornea Clinic hold joint consultation hours, where patients can benefit from the complementary expertise of our doctors and the contact lens specialists at Visser. It’s an ideal situation for corneal patients, providing the full package of care under one roof.

Read the story of one of our patients here. Scleral lenses from Visser improved his vision, and Bowman layer transplantation in the clinic halted the advance of his keratoconus.

Visit the website of Visser Contact Lenses.