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The NIIOS R&D program is perpetuated by charitable giving of patients, friends and benefactors to the Melles Research Fund. Since the start of the NIIOS in 2000, various surgical techniques for corneal, cataract and vitreo-retinal surgery were developed that are currently used worldwide. Per day, at least 1000 patients are being treated worldwide with surgical techniques designed and developed by the NIIOS. Each gift donated to the Melles Research Fund is therefore reflected in the eyes of thousands of men, women and children around the world. Please see our Portfolio for details.

Since philanthrophic donations to the Melles Research Fund are the backbone of our R&D program, we invite you to review our Charitable Giving Program in which various projects are listed that you may want to support financially. Donors of charitable contributions to the NIIOS are kept informed on the progress of the sponsored projects. To honor and recognize our donors and their generosity, we are pleased to list each contributor in our Annual Report to Donors.

Please be informed that by supporting our work, your gift can provide you with significant financial and tax saving benefits. For details, please contact our financial office. 



NIIOS technique to improve safety in retinal surgery. Pathologic tissue that can not be distinguished under normal conditions (left) is clearly visible after application of a dye (right).


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We are deeply appreciative of every gift we receive in support of NIIOS R&D program. The ongoing generosity of individuals and businesses from around the world, enables us to continue our scientific research.

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Improving safety in ophthalmic surgery
New surgical concepts for corneal transplantation & Eyebanking
Cost effective surgical settings
Focus on ophthalmic disorders in children
Equipment for helping the blind

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